Simulation of The Magic Theatre.
Spread from The Magic Theatre. Detail from The Magic Theatre.

The Magic Theatre

The Magic Theatre breaks down the Psychedelic Experience into an intricate mosaic of the so-called subjective effects of entheogenic substances (psychedelics).

More than an encyclopedia, the book invites you to partake in an aesthetic experience. From visionary trips to challenging concepts, The Magic Theatre is both a map of the psychedelic mind and a work of art.

Collected and meticulously grouped by a small number of psychonauts on community-based PsychonautWiki, the subjective effects presented in The Magic Theatre constitute the most complete collection of the experiences humans have mapped in the history of altered states of consciousness.

This book is the physical expression of the ever-growing psychedelic community!

The Magic Theatre was originally initiated for the graduation project of Matthieu Visentin at ECAL. Named after Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf’s eponymous chapter, the book itself is a statement of the singularity of every psychedelic experience. Indeed, in Steppenwolf, the Magic Theatre is an infinite corridor on both sides of which thousands of doors can reveal unique scenarios. This book acts like Hesse’s Magic Theatre, where each page reveals a whole new experience.

As a mirror of this uniqueness, The Magic Theatre will be re-printed indefinitely in exclusive editions of 500 copies each until every psychonaut has got her/his copy.

  • Edited and designed by Matthieu Visentin
  • 14.5×20.2 cm / 5.7×7.9 in
  • 320 pages, 88 illustrations
  • Smyth sewn soft-cover (printed in Spain)
  • English
  • $40
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Detail from The Magic Theatre. Detail from The Magic Theatre.