We are in the age of mind

Consciousness exploration movements are spreading in an ever-increasing number of curious. Psychonauts, neuronauts, oneironauts. New names for ancient practices. The apparent misconceptions and amalgams toward sciences, spirituality, and philosophy in misinformed actors of the community are leading the tremendous magnitude of these movements to a general disdain. Yet, beyond the New Age curtain lies a prodigious community of great explorers.

As a response to it—and out of a profound dedication and passion—the Museum of Consciousness is humbly taking the responsibility to produce a corpus of contemporary resources. Through publications and artistic expression, the Museum of Consciousness is building a bridge between the thinkers and the experiencers. Thus claiming the human right to freedom of mind, the Museum of Consciousness has the ambition to become an institutional representative of the so-called “awakened“ society.

Museum of Consciousness

The Museum of Consciousness is an editorial and publishing project initiated in 2017 by Swiss graphic designer Matthieu Visentin. Born out of a life-long passion for the mysterious, the Museum of Consciousness is wholly dedicated to experimenting and documenting the eternal quest for understanding the human soul.

The Museum of Consciousness believes that we are entering an age of which the mind is at the very core. Centuries of exploration and documentation led by Yogis, Shamans, Sorcerers, and all the beautiful tapestry of mystery that surrounds the untold side of human history, are gaining unprecedented interest in Western culture. The time has come to sit back and reflect on the path we choose for leading our lives and the future of our beloved Earth.

Let's honor and celebrate the millenia of scientific breakthroughs, and the quiet sharing of spiritual wisdom. Let's join the cosmic unity, and genuflect before the strangeness of reality.


The Museum of Consciousness is keen to collaborate in mind-expanding projects. Drop a message for any inquiry, collaboration, or just to say hello.

Submissions of contents to be published are very welcome. Although not all submissions will be published, a fair amount of time will be dedicated to reviewing them.

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